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Imel Barba After Shave Balm 200ml
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Imel Barba After Shave Balm 200ml

A mild composition of after shave lotion, which gives the sense of freshness. Enhanced with aloe, allantoin, jojoba oil and organic olive oil for the ultimate grooming, moisturizes, tightens, revitalizes and soothes the skin from after shaving irritations and without greasiness.

Men's Hair and Beard Pomade 125ml
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Men’s Hair and Beard Pomade 125ml

Men’s Hair & Beard Pomade 125ml

Pomade for strong hold in beard and hair. Discipline even the most unruly / hard hair, while the coconut oil and the natural beeswax treats, softens and adds shine for a perfect, tidy ‘look’.

Waxy, enhanced formulation pomade with sticky texture to impart strong hold. Seductive, masculine fragrance.

Men's Hair Clay IMEL Barba 125ml
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Men’s Hair Clay IMEL Barba 125ml

Men’s Hair Clay 125ml

Hair paste that provides concentrated styling with extra strong hold, allowing men to easily manipulate their hair. The lanolin defends against dehydration and beeswax creates a protective film and gives extra shine.


Men's Rich Shaving Cream 250ml
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Men’s Rich Shaving Cream 250ml

A velvet shaving cream creates a rich foam for optimal shaving results. Contains aloe, karite butter and organic olive oil, which softens the beard and makes everyday shaving a pleasant experience leaving the skin soft. Suitable for use with or without a brush.

Men's Shampoo IMEL Barba 1000ml
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Mn's Strengthing Lotion 200ml
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Mn’s Strengthing Lotion 200ml

Men’s Strengthening Lotion 200ml

Lotion with active herbal extracts, valuable amino acids, vitamin and pro-vitamin B5 to strengthen hair and to improve the texture and volume of the hair.